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DYEC under budget in 2017

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC) managed to come in under budget by approximately $520,000 in 2017, while also pulling in less revenue than expected.

With a budget of $14.816 million for 2017, the DYEC spent $14.298 million.

Operator Covanta had fees of $16.987 million, less than the budgeted amount of $16.452 million.

Other operating costs were also under budget $1.371 million against a budget of $1.577 million, and property taxes, which were expected to cost $811,000, came in at $773,000.

Recoveries from York Region were expected to be approximately $4 million, but were instead closer to $5 million.

In the end, the DYEC was under budget by approximately $500,000.

Revenue at the DYEC was at $7.483 million, slightly above the predicted amount of $7.382 million

Regional staff report this was achieved by exceeding what was expected in sale of by-product materials, in which they had a surplus due to an increased tonnage of material recovered.

Electrical power revenue fell approximately $500,000 short of the budgeted amount of $6.470 million.

After subtracting the revenue for Durham from the DYEC expenses, the DYEC netted $6.815 million against a projected $7.434 million.