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2020 budget in the books

The 2020 budget has been given a seal of approval by city council, and the final tally is not far off  from what was originally recommended just over a month ago.

The budget requires a 2.03 per cent increase on Oshawa’s portion of a resident or property owner’s tax bill, which represents an increase of approximately $42.65 in the total tax bill of a property assessed at $356,000.

After crunching the numbers, staff had originally  came to council with a suggestion of a 2.16 per cent increase, which would have meant an average increase of about $45.38 on the average tax bill.

The Oshawa Express will take a more in-depth look at the finalized budget in next week’s edition.

The budget was originally set to receive approval on Dec. 13, but was finalized a week early.

The Region of Durham and school board share of property taxes are still to be set.