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Dumping Sloan a misstep, says reader

Dear Editor,

Another deeply disappointing day this January 20th for “democracy” here in Canada as Liberal lookalike, Erin O’Toole unceremoniously dumped Derrick Sloan from the Conservative party, for a simple oversight that was corrected upon discovery. This is the same oversight that the party itself was also “guilty” of by the way.

Truth be known, Derrick is just too popular with main street and a deemed threat to O’Toole’s aspirations, which will never materialize anyway. Better get rid of this guy ASAP! Conservatives eating themselves again! They always talk of “growing the party,” but always end up cutting out people that disagree with the accepted party line, which is, in reality, Liberal lite! Will they ever learn? Trudeau hopes not.

This, just a few days after Doug Ford dumped one of our elected MPPs for agreeing with many scientific minds and questioning the lockdowns, and the negative effect upon citizens.

You are just supposed to follow along blindly the musings of the premier. Do not put your brain in gear and actually check the science to see who is correct and who is not, but just on a power trip.

We have just lost two fine, intelligent-thinking individuals from the right side of the ledger, but who are not going away, and hopefully they will prosper in any upcoming elections, if voters think for themselves at the voting booth.

Russ Horner