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Drug costs go down for more low-income seniors

More low-income seniors in Oshawa and across the province will soon be able to qualify for the province’s drug program, saving approximately $130 per year.

Starting Aug. 1, the provincial government will be changing the eligibility requirements for the low-income seniors drug benefits, with single seniors able to qualify if they make less than or equal to $19,300 per year (up from $16,018), and senior couples able to qualify if they make less than or equal to $32,300 (up from $24,175).

Under the program, qualified seniors do not have to pay a deductible and only make a co-payment of up to $2 per prescription.

As a result of these changes, more than 170,000 seniors across the province will now be able to qualify for the program.

“With the number of seniors in Ontario expected to double within the next 25 years, it’s important we acknowledge the needs of an aging population,” states Mario Sergio, the provincial minister responsible for senior affairs, in a news release.

“Today’s changes to the Ontario Drug Benefit Program will make drugs more affordable for many seniors on fixed incomes.”