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Door to door scams find new target

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

The reports continue to come in and once again Oshawa Fire Services are reminding residents of what to look for when someone comes knocking claiming to be with the organization.

In recent weeks, calls from citizens have been received across Oshawa of people soliciting door-to-door claiming to be with Oshawa Fire Services and asking to be let inside.

“From what we’ve heard from other residents, they’ve been asking people to get in and check their smoke detectors,” says Todd Wood, deputy fire chief.

He says for residents to be vigilant and that Oshawa Fire Services officers will be unmistakeable as they are always in full uniform and carry city ID tags.

“Be a little cautious obviously, don’t open the door to anybody you don’t know,” he says.

The news comes just as Fire Services gets set to start its Alarmed for Life campaign. The annual initiative that sees Fire Services going door-to-door to help spread awareness about the importance of fire safety and working smoke alarms.

Alarmed for Life is an annual provincial initiative. Oshawa’s door-to-door program runs from June until October, with firefighters visiting approximately 9,000 Oshawa homes each season.

Oshawa Fire Services will be out in the community to provide information on household fire safety. The door-to-door visits are for educational purposes and voluntary.

Those who participate will receive a booklet that includes information and tips on smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, home escape planning and emergency preparedness. Firefighters will also provide information and answer questions on fire safety.

Oshawa Fire Services does not solicit via telephone and does not work with any private companies; they only send uniformed members with City of Oshawa employee identification badges to peoples’ homes. Residents should contact Durham Region Police Service at 905-579-1520 and report phone calls received or individuals who are not in uniform or do not have City of Oshawa identification badges who go door-to-door saying they are with Oshawa Fire Services.