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Dispose of glass, sharp objects properly

Recent close calls for regional waste collectors

The region wants residents to keep the safety of waste collectors in mind when putting their trash out to the curb.

“We have had a couple close calls recently — waste collection operators can be severely injured when collecting a garbage bag containing pieces of broken glass, unwanted hypodermic needles, syringes or broken porcelain,” said Craig Bartlett, manager of waste operations. “For the protection of the operators, all waste set out for collection must be in compliance with the region’s waste management bylaw, or else residents could be fined.”

When setting out broken glass or porcelain, residents are asked to separate broken glass from other waste and seal it inside a securely taped cardboard box, marked “GLASS” in large, bold letters.

“Sharps”  are objects that can cut skin and come in contact with bodily fluids, such as hypodermic needles, syringes, EpiPens or lancets. These items must never be disposed of in the garbage or recycling.

To properly dispose of these items, take back used sharps to a local pharmacy free of charge in an approved container, which can be obtained free of charge at the pharmacy. Visit to find a participating pharmacy.