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Discover Downtown Oshawa: Felicio’s

Garth Johns

By Garth Johns/Columnist

The first impression you get when entering Felicio’s is that every customer is unique and your experience when you are there is important to Allesandra and her staff.

In fact, they try to get to know their customers by name as well as their tastes, their preferences and even their allergies. No matter how fussy you may be, it is important to remember that everybody who comes in can enjoy something.

Though Felicio’s is considered a bakery, they stick to dessert goods as opposed to bread products. Everything produced here is hand made from scratch using only the finest raw ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives or dyes used. With that in mind, they only use fresh fruit, wholesome, cultured products and high quality chocolate.

The result is a wonderful treat that simply melts in your mouth. The coffee, tea and beverages are all imported and especially exciting if you want a little taste of Brazil.

If dessert is not your thing, then feat not for Felicio’s also prepares wonderful gourmet sandwiches that, once again, are completely made in-house.

Although you can grab a treat and continue on your way, Allesandra makes it clear from her interactions with customers that she doesn’t want you to rush. Take your time, make your selections and then, relax and enjoy.

Regardless of what is on the menu today, tomorrow is a brand new day and they are always trying something new and different. So, if you want a relaxing environment and an experience to delight the taste buds, you need look no further than Felicio’s on Albert Street, just south of Athol.