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Cuts shouldn’t surprise Ford supporters

Dear Editor,

A lot of people who are now complaining about the cuts that our Premier has made have no one to blame but themselves.

I am quite sure that they either did not vote at all (shame on you) or they voted for Doug Ford. And to those people that voted for Mr. Ford, were you not listening to his campaign promises. He specifically said that he would find $6 billion in savings that the previous Liberal government could not.

Well for those that did not vote and those that voted for Ford you are now seeing where the funding is now going. There is now a teacher hiring freeze and a cut to autism therapy among other things. There is not much difference between the Ford government and the Harris government of the 1990s. You have none to blame but yourself.

We must never be like the U.S. and I am sure that that is the way we are headed. We have Mr. Ford and his provincial government and we also have Mr. Trudeau and his government. What are we supposed to do? We have more than a two-party system provincially and federally. We have the Green Party and we also have the NDP.

I realize that most people are afraid to vote for something new, but we do have alternatives. If ever there was a time to vote, it’s when you do not even want too. If you do not vote then there is nothing you can do.

Ron Horner