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Cut through the “red tape”

In politics, there are always buzzwords flying around.

These buzzwords are continually shifting depending on the day of the week, but one constant you will always hear is “red tape.”

It’s a term used to describe the bureaucratic hoops residents and business owners often have to jump through while dealing with government – whether it be municipal, regional, provincial or federal.

These processes can be frustrating at best, and often can hold up development and employment opportunities.

But as Ward 4 city councillor Derek Giberson pointed out at a recent council meeting, the term “red tape” has become an overarching term for those who feel the government has too much of a “Big Brother” role in their lives.

Yet, politicians who are too reliant on the term are failing to realize some of this so-called “red tape” is in place to protect the residents of Ontario.

It was decades of lax government oversight that led to the E.coli outbreak in Walkerton almost 20 years ago, leading to several deaths and hundreds of others getting ill.

As previously reported by The Oshawa Express, a lack of oversight on apartment buildings has led to city residents having their concerns on a number of serious issues including bed bugs and safety hazards either ignored or brushed off.

Government policies and procedures should not stand in the way of moving forward, but falling into the habit of always pointing to “red tape” is a political crutch.

Efficiencies can be found with any government, and that is why the current review of two-tier municipalities by the province is not something to be afraid of.

Some city councillors believe the Ford government has already all but made up its mind on the outcome, but hopefully this is not a futile exercise.

But it is important not to just assume all aspects of government are totally inept, because in the end, there is a reason why we elect our politicians, and to have absolutely no faith in this system is a scary thought.