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Coyotes in the hood

Dear Editor,

No, it’s not common to encounter coyotes in Oshawa – it’s habitat loss. This is a direct result of the housing developments going up like mushrooms in north Oshawa. I’ve lived in Windfield Estates for seven years and seen naught. This winter, one was walking in broad daylight across from Northern Dancer Public School at 3:00 in the afternoon. Then two weeks ago, one slept in my neighbour’s backyard two days running. I’m cool with that, but… I do now take my morning walk with a stick.

Not to be unappreciative, I’d like to thank The Corporation of the City of Oshawa for their recent fact sheets on coyotes delivered to every home. Truly, this is very important and I was happy to see them. However, it is very misleading to say the reason coyotes are making their presence known is because of ‘easy food sources.’ Also, it’s a bit glib to imply we should be used to ‘living side by side’, like old friends; like a coyote is going to come borrow a cup of sugar. Habitat loss, folks. Raccoons next.

Okay, enough said. While I’m here though, could The City of Oshawa please send out similar flyers on 1) not overstuffing your recycling boxes so that it blows all over the neighbourhood on windy garbage days; 2) dog poop (ugh, a violation of my senses), and 3) Off-leash dogs! “Oh don’t worry, he sounds terrifying, but he’s really gentle.”

Jill Campbell