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Consultant chosen for harbour study

The city has awarded a contract for a feasibility study intended to map out the future of the Oshawa harbour lands.

Brook McIlroy has been named as consultant for the Harbour Lands Feasibility Study to the tune of $313,396.

The city has identified two key objectives to be completed within the study.

The first is to determine appropriate recreational uses for the 14.3 hectare parcel of land situated at the east corner of Simcoe Street South and Harbour Road.

Second is the development and design of a boat launch ramp and possible supporting infrastructure.

As reported earlier by The Oshawa Express, boaters in the city have not had public access to the waters of Lake Ontario for nearly two decades.

The old boat launch was blocked off when the Oshawa Marina closed in October 2002.

Earlier this year, resident Larry Ladd, a long-time advocate of recreational use of the harbour lands, made several calls for a boat launch to be built sooner rather than later.

Several councillors agreed, including Ward 5 city representative John Gray.

“I think there is frustration in the community that we haven’t done anything,” he said at the time. “At some point, we need to show we are serious about the waterfront.”

The city received four bids for the tender, with Stantec Consulting Ltd., Dillon Consulting Limited and the MBTW Group also showing interest. The project will take about two to three years to complete, depending on environmental assessment processes.