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Consider vegan for the animals

Dear Editor,

Hamilton resident Regan Russell spent her last moments on Earth comforting pigs as they were trucked to slaughter at Fearmans Pork in Burlington. She squirted water into a thirsty animal’s mouth through a gap in a trailer before she was hit and killed by one of the trucks carrying the pigs. The driver has been charged with careless driving causing death.

Other Toronto Pig Save members—and animal rights proponents around the world—have been mourning for Regan since her death on July 19. But I have a feeling that Regan would have wanted us to save our tears for the countless pigs who are violently killed every day, just to satisfy the public’s voracious appetite for meat.

When given the chance to show them off, pigs have vibrant personalities and impressive memories. When not confined to factory farms and slaughterhouses, they enjoy playing, exploring, and snuggling with one another and with other animals. Piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices, and mother pigs “sing” to their young while nursing.

Let’s all do something meaningful in honour of Regan: Stop eating pigs and other animals. Visit for free vegan recipes and product suggestions.


Heather Moore

PETA Foundation