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Congrats to Colin Carrie

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to MP Colin Carrie on his successful bid to retain his seat as our local representative in Parliament. There are many who feel as I do, as witnessed by his convincing win. I find Mr. Carrie to be accessible and easy to talk to.
As for former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I personally think he will be remembered as one of our best prime ministers. He loves Canada and Canadians and did his best to keep our economy steady over the years. We live in the greatest country in the world. Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty made sure we had one of the most stable economies in the world. We were the envy of almost every other nation.
Mr. Harper kept his promise to cut the GST, unlike the little guy from Shawinigan with his red book who forgot his promise once he was elected. Mr. Harper tried to make the military respectable again with little help from the opposition. He did manage to return the individual force uniforms, which have special meaning to those who serve. Mr. Harper brought in income splitting and TFSAs, very important to some. He did not raise taxes. He gave families hope with his tax credits; he gave working people a tax credit; he gave seniors tax credits.
The seniors and others who wanted “change” are going to be very disappointed when the Liberal government begins removing all that Mr. Harper’s Conservative government had given to us. Mr. Harper did make some mistakes, the treatment of veterans being one, and Mr. Duffy and his $90,000 matter being another. However, the $90,000 pales when compared to the prior government and their money woes. And who can forget the provincial spendthrift Liberals with their billion-dollar disasters.
I congratulate Mr. Trudeau on his win. I see he is planning to help the middle class with a tax cut, but what about the seniors Mr. Trudeau and the working poor who are not earning $45,000 per year? Be very aware people that the Liberals historically make many promises, but keep few. If things get really bad, maybe, just maybe, we could ask Premier Wynne’s good buddies, the large unions, for a helping hand.
On a brighter note, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and good luck to all.

Keith Shannon