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Congrats on French’s new position

Dear Editor,

I am delighted to see that Jennifer French’s hard work and dedication have resulted in a significant promotion, although I must say that I do not regard immigration as a provincial responsibility.

In addition to her in-the-trenches work as the NDP critic for pensions, community services and correctional facilities, she also worked very hard on issues pertaining to our sky-rocketing hydro bills, and I was happy to provide her with my own information on that.

I came to Canada in 1966 from Britain as a “refugee from socialism,” but I must acknowledge hard work and competence when I see it. I must say that, having lived under socialism, I fear that many Canadians, including French, support socialism as a beatific ideal, without having the faintest idea of how ugly, inhuman, and soul-destroying it is in actual practice. But I must acknowledge her feet-firmly-on-the-ground dedication, and I would far rather have her in a position of influence than a doctrinaire socialist barely distinguishable from a Communist. Congratulations!

Jeff Goodall