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City puts a hold on drive-thrus

Bylaw put in place for safety study

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

After continuous complaints at city hall regarding safety and traffic impacts, council has agreed to put a halt on any future developments with planned drive-thrus.

The interim control bylaw will prohibit the creation of any further drive-thru facilities in Oshawa for at least the next year as the city undertakes a study of the safety and traffic concerns.

“I appreciate the initiative that is being put forward,” said Councillor Dan Carter, speaking at a special meeting of development services, prior to the council meeting, on Oct. 19. “We heard quite clearly that there is concerns about drive thrus.”

With no zoning or planning guidelines in place for drive-thrus, the city evaluates each application on a case-by-case basis. The study initiated by council will look into the development of guidelines and zoning principles for the popular pick-up option most commonly used by restaurants and most banks.

Part of the report will include a study of the existing drive-thrus in the city.

“One of the key tasks in the study process would be to look at lessons learned from existing drive thru facilities,” says Paul Ralph, the city’s commissioner of development services.

The study will also include a public open house to give citizens a chance to offer their opinions on drive-thrus in Oshawa.