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City looking at information slip in June property tax bill

There may be an extra slip of paper in the June property tax bill.

The city’s finance committee has sent a motion from Ward 1 City Councillor Rosemary McConkey back to staff about a mailout policy that would provide special information each year in the June property tax bill.

“I had hoped to get a couple things out last month… just an alert to people that might not be reading the paper, might not be on social media,” says McConkey.

Ward 5 City and Regional Councillor Brian Nicholson then asked for the motion to be referred back to staff.

The original motion brought before committee stated this is an opportunity to release “newsworthy” items this June, as the COVID-19 pandemic has “dominated communications.”

The motion also notes there are items which would benefit residents if they knew.

Examples of these included planning being underway with the new Oshawa Centennial Committee, and updates to the parking and zoning by-laws.