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City launching first safe graffiti space

On July 29, the City of Oshawa is inviting residents and artists of all ages and skills to the opening of the city’s first safe graffiti wall at Donevan Recreation Complex and Skate Park from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

During the Paint the Park: Donevan Art Park launch event attendees will have the opportunity to watch graffiti demos by artists and participate in hands-on graffiti training. Additionally, there will be many arts and craft opportunities to enjoy from The LivingRoom Community Art Studio, Urban Art for Social Change Graffiti School, and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

“Many believe graffiti is an illegal act that indicates a neighbourhood’s decline, and they may be correct when it defaces private or public property,” said Councillor Bob Chapman Chair of the Community Services Committee. “But graffiti is also a form of art, when done in the correct location, and to assist those wishing to express themselves in this manner the City is providing a safe place for their urban art to be displayed.”

Approved by the Oshawa City Council on May 23, The City’s first art park located across from the Donevan Skate Park provides a safe space for graffiti artist and local youth to work, while promoting inclusion and awareness of urban art.

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