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City hall’s actions have consequences

Dear Editor,

City hall’s action to boot volunteers that were feeding the homeless in a safe and organized way in Memorial Park for not having permits should be frowned upon by all residents and the Memorial Cup Site Selection Committee.

The Memorial Cup has always relied on volunteer groups for the entire event and these groups and local organizations along with veterans were honoured by this tradition.

This action by the City of Oshawa to condemn these volunteers that were feeding the homeless during a pandemic which not only supplemented lacking services in a time of need is wrong. The efforts by these individuals needs to not only be commended, but also endorsed by city hall.

Ignorant ideas of city officials to condemn this humanitarian effort is not what matches the ideals set forth by the Memorial Cup and Oshawa should be removed from consideration because these officials elected by residents were elected to serve all residents, including those less fortunate, and are too small minded to see the cities cash grab in this pandemic by requiring a permit is unethical and should carry consequences.

Scott Parson