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City asleep at the wheel

Dear Editor,

I read an article about the high cost of services the city is facing because of all the new development in the north end! It made me think for just a minute: why is the city in this crisis? The city can only blame themselves! They have given tax breaks to the Genosha Hotel for the next 10 years. The Holiday Inn Express, now two years late, has received development breaks as well as tax breaks for the next 10 years!

The development in the north end is very good for the city, but I have not read anywhere where the developers in the north end have received any incentives (although they probably have).

The property owners pay a very high tax for the roads to be plowed and to have water and sewers as well have their garbage picked up. The city is so excited about attracting new growth that they somehow forgot that the people that buy those houses are going to need services! I think someone was asleep at the wheel!
Ron Horner