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Changing the way we cast our votes

Dear Editor,

I wonder if the people that are in charge of Elections Canada can reform the way that we cast our votes. For instance, if you would like a certain person to get in as Prime Minister you have to vote for your local person of the same party. This is blatantly unfair for everybody.

A lot of people did not want to vote for Kathleen Wynne because they’d had enough of her. A lot of people voted for Doug Ford because he could do no worse than Kathleen Wynne (or so they thought). Then again a lot of people voted for Andrea Horwath, but not enough voted NDP for them to win. They became the official opposition.

What I would like to see, and I am sure a great many others, is a way to vote for someone you like that is running and not necessarily that party. That way you may get a person that you like of a different party than the one in power or even the Prime Minister.

I do not know how that would work, but I believe it could be done if only there were some kind of election reform. I guess that will not happen until there are more people that think the way I do.

Ron Horner