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Fighting disease a worthy investment

April 2, 2019

Dear Editor, As the Liberals seem set to spend once again like a drunken sailor in budget 2019, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) may be the smartest domestic investment made [...]

Reader renounces support for Ford

April 2, 2019

Dear Editor, Doug Ford has turned his back on rural Ontario so I would encourage rural Ontario to turn their back on Premier Ford. Randy Hillier was elected by his [...]

Corporations are not above the law

April 2, 2019

Dear Editor, I am writing to express my frustration with the long history the Canadian government has of cozying up to corporations and putting the law aside for them. Justin [...]

Where is RCMP on SNC-Lavalin?

April 2, 2019

Dear Editor, I find it amazing how quickly the RCMP have seen fit to open an investigation in the matter of Jason Kenny’s election team allegedly pulling off some [...]

MP lands Conservative heating plan

March 19, 2019

Dear Editor, In Oshawa, heating our homes in the winter is a necessity – not a luxury. The government doesn’t tax our other basic necessities like groceries and it [...]
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