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Time for us to take a leap

July 23, 2019

Dear Editor, As a fellow traveller on this planet called Earth, what are your concerns? Do you worry about climate change, jobs, pollution, affordable health care and [...]

Enough of climate hysteria

July 16, 2019

Dear Editor, I thought child abuse was against the law? Why then are many left wing school boards having their teachers scaring the wits out of school children by  telling [...]

NDP hypocritical for charging

July 16, 2019

Dear Editor, I get it. I get that a part of politics involves raising money. All parties routinely host fundraisers to stock their campaign war chests. However, the Ontario [...]

Scheer no different than Ford

July 16, 2019

Dear Editor, Now that all of you have seen and are aware of what a Conservative government will and can do for you if elected, I would hope that you not vote for Andrew [...]

Pot shops on the reserve

July 9, 2019

Dear Editor, I understand the provincial government has recently approved some 80 more licences to sell pot in Ontario. Of those 80, eight are apparently for Natives on [...]

Lotteries aren’t worth the effort

July 2, 2019

Dear Editor, Bravo Mr. Russ Horner on your letter on the sucker tax lotteries. I will make my comments short and sweet. I also stopped playing the 6/49 when the price [...]

“Common sense” is needed

July 2, 2019

Dear Editor, Not sure about the rest of of you, but I for one, have just about had all I can stomach concerning this big lie being perpetuated by the media, academia, and [...]

Councillor should issue apology

June 25, 2019

Dear Editor, Ward 4 city councillor Derek Giberson recently made a statement on social media that came off as condescending and disrespectful to the opinions of those that [...]
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