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Changing the way we cast our votes

July 11, 2018

Dear Editor, I wonder if the people that are in charge of Elections Canada can reform the way that we cast our votes. For instance, if you would like a certain person to get [...]

What is truly unaffordable?

July 11, 2018

Dear Editor, If Mr. Shalapata appears to be saying socialist programs are unaffordable let’s look for some reasons why. One needs to look no further than the billions of [...]

Abortion images serve a purpose

July 4, 2018

Dear Editor, Re: “Council debates graphic abortion signs and freedom of expression”, June 27/18. Over the years, magazine covers, front pages of newspapers, and TV [...]

PC vote was one for economic sanity

July 4, 2018

Re: “How your vote counted” – Letter: The Oshawa Express – June 27, 2018 Dear Editor, Reading Gord Vickers letter “How your vote counted” reminded [...]

Wishing Oshawa the best this Canada Day

June 26, 2018

Dear Editor, It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we celebrated Canada`s sesquicentennial! What an amazing yearlong celebration of all things Canadian. We saw [...]

How your vote counted

June 26, 2018

Dear Editor, How you voted is your business. How your vote counted is our business. Reflecting on the election’s result, a “me me” vote was the clear winner. [...]

Spot the danger before you play

June 20, 2018

Dear Editor, I lost my right leg above the knee when I was four years old in a boating accident. I was standing up in a dinghy when it hit a big wave. I fell overboard and [...]

A copper lining with insurance rates

June 20, 2018

Dear Editor, As I was putting another car onto my home and auto insurance policy, for my previous “chariot” (which suffered engine death), the phone customer [...]

A return to responsible editorializing

June 13, 2018

Dear Editor, It may also be time for change to responsible editorializing. From the wrong attribution of the opening quote to the final paragraphs, the editorial is redolent [...]
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