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Ontarians being left behind by WISB

June 4, 2019

Dear Editor, Many citizens are being left behind The Ontario compensation system is fully funded and asset rich. Employers have received significant WSIB premium reductions. [...]

Reader shocked by elevator regulations

June 4, 2019

Dear Editor, My 75-year-old husband and puppy dog were stuck in our apartment building elevator for one-and-a-half hours, and because he is a insulin dependent diabetic and [...]

Man causes stir in House of Commons

May 21, 2019

Dear Editor, On Monday, May 13, I sat in a front row seat in the public gallery in the House of Commons (West Block) until Question Period and shortly after 2 p.m. I stood [...]

Increases to speed limits questioned

May 14, 2019

Dear Editor, Here we go again. Premier Doug Ford is once again making unilateral decisions without listening to anybody. I would agree with a lot of what Mr. Ford says except [...]

Emergency reporting begins at 8 a.m.

May 7, 2019

Dear Editor, Yesterday, my credit card was compromised by an unauthorized purchase made online. I was notified by the credit card company via email this morning, which is a [...]
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