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All views need to be heard

August 8, 2017

Dear Editor, Thank goodness for readers like Russ Horner and Joe Prochazka, who take the time to write to your publication. It is refreshing to read right-wing opinions in a [...]

Interest rate hike long overdue

August 1, 2017

Dear Editor, Today, July 12, to watch and listen to the media reaction to the quarter point rise in the bank of Canada lending rate, you would have thought the country was [...]

Climate change fraud

August 1, 2017

Dear Editor, In your June 21st edition, I was dismayed to read John Peate’s letter in which he denigrated a previous correspondent’s letter on climate change, in [...]

The Khadr fiasco

July 26, 2017

Dear Editor, I was watching the ESPYs last night. They gave an award to an American soldier, Israel Del Toro, who had been severely wounded by an IED. He had third degree [...]

Enough with this political correctness

July 26, 2017

Dear Editor, The longer I live in my native country, Canada, the more confused I get trying to understand what the hell happened here! All the political correct nonsense that [...]

Climate change claims defy logic

July 12, 2017

Dear Editor, John Peate has packed so much hysteria and fake news into his letter on climate change that it is difficult to know where to begin. Some of his claims (wars, [...]

Remember freedom of choice

July 12, 2017

Dear Editor, Something strange occurred during opening ceremonies, Canada Day at Lakeview. I observe a DRP officer come down from near the stage and harass some teens (near [...]

Guns saved Scalise’s life

July 4, 2017

Dear Editor, Re: Letter to the Editor June 21/17. It amuses me how the progressives spin what took place at the political baseball charity baseball game in the USA a short [...]

Letter writer wrong on guns

July 4, 2017

Dear Editor, Ron Horner’s lack of knowledge about firearms and firearms ownership is certainly clouding his judgment. Mr. Horner thinks it is ridiculous to believe that [...]
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