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Carter urges province to take evidence-based approach to COVID-19

Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter is calling on the province to look at evidence-based data for COVID-19 to help save local communities from further hardship, noting it’s important to know where the spread is coming from. (Photo courtesy City of Oshawa)

By Courtney Bachar/The Oshawa Express/LJI Reporter

Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter is urging the province to take a look at the evidence-based data for COVID-19 to help save local communities from further hardship.

In just a matter of days, Durham Region was moved from the Orange zone to the Red zone of the provincial framework for fighting and stopping the spread of the virus.

Carter says this means there’s been a lot of significant changes in regards to public gatherings and how retail locations have operated.

He’s urging the community to continue to follow the advice of the health care professionals and continue to “stay apart, mark up, lather up, and if you can work from home stay at home.”

“That’s one of the ways we can stop the spread.”

Carter is also calling for the community to support local.

“If there’s a way that we can support local, like I always say, ‘Oshawa loves local,’ let’s find a way of supporting our local economy,” he says.

Carter is also calling on the province to consider the “true data” and where the spread is coming from, when making decisions in regards to moving the different regions to different stages.

“Our retailers, our service industry, our local economy has done an incredible job in investing in PPE and making sure they’ve taken all the right steps to make sure that your safety, your well-being, is their number one priority,” Carter continues.

He says any decisions the province makes impacts communities locally, adding the province needs to take into consideration where the spreads are happening and take a look at the data, and make a decision based upon that.

“The province must take a close look at the region’s COVID-19 active case numbers to identify the sources of transmission,” he says. “It is critical the data be used to make sector-specific restrictions and to determine if local restrictions – especially those that are having a huge impact on our restaurants and local businesses – can be reduced.”

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