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Carbon tax, cap and trade don’t work

Dear Editor,

With a federal election coming in October, it is important that Canadians be aware of the candidates’ positions on climate change, formerly called global warming. Most scientists believe that our planet is heating up due to our burning of fossil fuels, thereby causing severe changes to our climate and weather. A minority of scientists attribute climate change to our sun.

But politicians are openly speaking of how to address this matter. Some advocate a carbon tax, which would be a straight tax for carbon emissions on consumers and producers. Other politicians call for a cap-and-trade system in carbon, which would raise the price of carbon through a type of stock market in carbon credits. These two proposals would enrich governments and financial elites, and seriously drive up the price of electricity, natural as, gasoline and the products we make using them. This has happened in Europe along with much corruption, job loss and economic burdens.

The United Nations Panel on Climate Change has called for $120 billion per year through carbon tax or cap-and-trade programs to be transferred by us to developing countries to allow them to catch up to us in development and to address carbon reduction later. Many of these countries are unaccountable dictatorships.

If this sounds like a massive wealth transfer, it is. We are already losing many jobs due to the high cost of electricity driven by billions of dollars in subsidies for useless windmills and solar panels, with companies leaving Ontario for cheaper locations. This would multiple and worsen under a carbon tax or cap-and-trade system.

As for Canada, we contribute 1.6 per cent to the world’s carbon dioxide, and our Alberta oil sands contribute .001 per cent. We are a vast northern nation that requires fossil fuels and electricity to heat our homes and to travel. Yet we are targeted by climate change advocates, even through nations such as Chine and India far outweigh our carbon emissions, and are not targeted for such emissions. In fact, those nations burn overwhelming amounts of dirty coal and yet we are expected to transfer out jobs and money to them.

If carbon dioxide is such a threat to our planet, then why can developing nations be allowed to continue to pour carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere? And why, under the proposed carbon tax or cap-and-trade, can western companies and elites pay a fine for carbon emissions without reducing them? That is a very costly double standard.

Canada cannot afford the economic turmoil and job loss that would occur with the so-called remedies to climate change to global warming. Beware of politicians that advocate this economically disastrous proposal.

Chris Topple