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Cap and trade will only make things harder

Dear Editor,

Ontarians work hard every single day, but just can’t seem to get ahead. Every single month seems to be more of a challenge to make ends meet as the Wynne Liberals nickel and dime every step of the way.

Our province is already home to some of the highest hydro bills in North America, and exorbitant Liberal taxes and fees never seem to stop going up.

Ontarians are begging for relief, but instead of looking for ways to make life more affordable, Premier Kathleen Wynne has decided to slap down a new cap-and-trade scheme that will make life even more expensive.

Effective January 1st, the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade cash grab will jack up Ontario families’ home heating costs by as much as $13.54 month, and increase the price of gas at the pump by 4.3 cents a litre. Everything, from groceries to clothing, will become more expensive as a result of this new scheme.

The Wynne Liberals’ new cash grab is expected to take in more than $8 billion over the next four years so that they can waste it on whatever scandal they dream up next, while doing next to nothing to reduce emissions here in Ontario.

Instead of creating a complicated cap-and-trade system, the Liberal Government should have taken measures to credibly reduce emissions and fight climate change while putting money back into the pockets of Ontarians, not taking even more out.

Life is harder under Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal Government, and in 2017 it’s only going to get worse.

It’s time for a government that understands the challenges every day families face and will treat taxpayers with respect.

Patrick Brown

Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario