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Cannabis dispensary is needed

Dear Editor,

I was very upset when I read your April 13, 2016 letters to the editor. I am referring to the letter entitled “What happened to the downtown?”

Like the writer of the above-mentioned letter, I too am a long time resident of Oshawa and would like to see the downtown core cleaned up as was promised by our local politicians. However, I do not agree that the “pot store” recently opened on Simcoe Street should be classified in the same category as a brothel!

My sister has stage-4 lung cancer and is in daily pain. Her chemo and the drugs she has to take to combat its effect cause her pain and daily nausea. The only thing that has so far proven to alleviate said symptoms and also, as a bonus, helps her to sleep at night is medical cannabis. She does not smoke pot! She consumes medical cannabis in an edible form (a cookie or a butter spread) in order to improve her quality of life. So, in my opinion, lumping a medical cannabis dispensary in with a brothel or an illegal gambling house is not acceptable.

The need for such a dispensary is obvious when you see how many people frequent this recently opened store. And rest assured that each and every patron at this dispensary holds a valid medical cannabis licence or they would not be permitted to purchase any products there. No, I am in no way affiliated with this store. I’m just glad it has opened and pray it will remain open in order for my sister, and patients like her, to have some relief in the time remaining to them.

As for first-time visitors coming to our city and seeing a medical cannabis dispensary in our downtown, maybe they would think like I do and recognize how advanced this city has become in regards to such issues. Maybe next time the previous writer can educate himself prior to condemning places and/or people that he obviously knows nothing about.

Fiamma Stephen