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Butt out around the hospital

Dear Editor,

One day last week, I left my wife just outside the exit doors at the south end of Lakeridge Health, where the old Emergency ward was located a few years ago.

She was in a wheelchair, as she had just completed another breathing test, as she suffers from a terminal lung disease, not related to smoking.

I left her there for a few minutes while I went to retrieve the car. She asked to be left outside as it was such a fine day and she wanted to enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air.

Well, she did get the sunshine, but not much fresh air, as there was so many people smoking in close proximity to the exit doors.

Most of these folks were employees it seemed, and I often wondered why so many staff members who must see the horrors caused by smoking often in that line of work, do so themselves?

I am no prude myself, smoked for many years until after many attempts was able to kick the habit twenty years or so ago, and know how hard that was to do, without the benefit of working in a hospital environment to gain more incentive to quit.

I don’t know if it is true or not, but years ago I was told there is a smoking area up on the roof for patients from what they call Three Main.

If that is true, why not have one up there for smoking staff also, and the smoke would be no immediate problem for anybody else on hospital grounds, as it would be gone like smokestack gas up the chimney.

People with breathing problems should not be subjected to second hand smoke at their local hospital, it just does not make sense.

What will it be like after July 1 of 2018? Will patients have to put up with marijuana smoke as well on hospital grounds?

Please consider sending them to the roof to enjoy their smoke breaks, and give patients a break.

Russ Horner