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Budget must fund kids properly

Dear Editor,

The federal budget will be presented shortly. There is pressure from lobbyists to fund more day care.  A few are insisting on it, saying 50 years ago day care was recommended in the 1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women and it is time for a universal program.
What should be pointed out is that the royal commission never wanted all kids in daycare. It suggested day care as an option but also wanted funding for parents at home with a child, so that no one would be forced to work outside the home against their wishes. The commission recommended income splitting as a tax option to reduce taxes on households that share income.

It was also recommended women need to have more part-time paid jobs and not be obliged to have full-time paid jobs when their kids were young. We have attained none of those goals.
And the problem is, some lobbyists aim at the opposite – lower spousal deductions, no income splitting, maternity benefits tied only to paid work and full-time not part-time jobs for women.

They ignore that respect and equality for the at home role which was also a goal of the report they like to cite.

That being said, a good budget would fund kids, in or out of daycare, so parents could choose, as the Royal Commission actually recommended.

Beverley Smith