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Bringing Canada together

Despite a heartbreaking one-point loss in Game 5, the Toronto Raptors have been the feel good story of the past few months.

A constant source of disappointment for fans over the last five years, the team seems to have gotten over the hump and is in a prime position to win the NBA championship.

This would make them the first Canadian team to win a major sports title since the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993.

We likely can all remember where we were when Joe Carter’s home run to left field went over the fence and a triumphant cheer was heard from Victoria to St. John’s.

Since that time, a number of NHL teams have gone to the Stanley Cup finals.

But the thing about hockey is it is a very geographical sport.

It is unlikely if the Toronto Maple Leafs made it to the Stanley Cup that fans in Montreal Calgary, or Vancouver would jump on the bandwagon.

And that’s what is special about the Raptors, they are Canada’s team.

From coast to coast, they are bringing cities together, with multiple “Jurassic Park” locations popping up across the nation.

Even Oshawa, a little later than others, is getting in on the act for Games 6 and 7.

So often, Canada is a country highly divided by the borders of its provinces and territories.

Heading into this year’s federal election, there is a lot of division going on in this country.

Topics such as climate change, immigration, and yes, even abortion are pitting Canadians against each other on a daily basis.

A few election ads aired during the commercials of Monday night’s game, and while it didn’t put a full damper on the festivities, it is a reminder of what we will be bombarded with.

But as the Raptors have made their playoff run, the team has become something that brings all Canadians together, and is something we can all share.

Win or lose, it’s been a great run, and we should all be proud of them.