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Bring on the food trucks

Oshawa, prepare your taste buds.

No, it’s not another sour pill from city hall to swallow, but a rather sweet one (or salty, or greasy or all three).

A set of new regulations set to be approved by councillors next week will open the doors for food trucks to operate within the City of Oshawa.

Briefly, the new rules will allow for food trucks to vend on city roadways for a period not exceeding five hours in a 24-hour period, seriously loosening the previously unusual time-limit of 10 minutes.

Food trucks will also be able to operate on certain properties if permission has been granted, the rules and licensing process have been simplified and the fees associated with the licensing process have been updated. The trucks will also be allowed to sell their wares on certain downtown streets as well.

The move is yet another instance of the City of Oshawa taking steps to seriously modernize dated bylaws that have been restricting many aspects of city business, and is an encouraging sign that the city is willing to change.

These food trucks will not only bring treats jam packed with empty (but delicious) calories to city residents, but they will also bring a much needed boost of vibrancy to city streets.

These trendy new vehicles draw crowds wherever they go, and whether that is drawing people to the downtown to visit the shops, or pulling them to the lakefront to enjoy the city’s beautiful shoreline (and hopefully the pier) it’s all a good thing for the City of Oshawa.

City staff note that it will take one month to roll out the new regulations once approved by council, and with the warmer weather seeming to seep into the city, they couldn’t come at a better time.


On Monday afternoon, 10 people (at press time) were killed and many more injured and effected when a van careened down the sidewalk along Yonge Street in Toronto.

The senseless act of violence has left many residents of the GTA reeling and asking why such a thing would ever take place.

The Oshawa Express would like to send our thoughts and condolences to the families who lost loved ones and everyone else impacted by this terrible tragedy.

We also want to commend all of those first responders who were on the front lines tending to the injured and working to apprehend the suspect. Your bravery and sacrifice does not go unnoticed.