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Both Oshawa beaches open for first time

Lakeview Park

Both Lakeview beaches passed their most recent bacterial count tests, marking the first time this summer both beaches are officially open for swimmers.

Earlier this summer, both beaches had posted advisories for having high E. coli counts, although the posting at Lakeview West was removed the following week.

This is the first week that the beach at Lakeview East has been marked safe for swimming.

However, with heavy rain over the weekend, both beaches may be posted again as E. coli counts can spike following rainfall, Mike Pittman, a senior public health inspector with the region, told The Oshawa Express in June.

“It’s typical after a heavy rainfall…any time you get those heavy rainfalls, the bacteria numbers always jump up because you have all the storm sewers washing all kinds of debris and what not into the lake,” Pittman said at the time. “Normally, we won’t sample if it’s raining, but if it’s clear, we’ll take that sample, but we’ll know the samples are probably going to be high, so as a precaution, we post the beach.”