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Beware of pushy salespeople

The Region of Durham is reminding residents to be cautious about pushy salespeople selling water treatment products.

“Residents have been contacting the region to inquire about door-to-door salespersons who want to test the residents’ water or see their water metre,” states John Presta, the region’s director of environmental services, in a news release. “The Region of Durham does not sell nor endorse water filters or treatment equipment for residents. The region provides clean, safe drinking water, which meets provincial water quality standards. Our water undergoes daily monitoring and testing and does not require further filtration or monitoring at residents’ expense.”

The region is advising to ask for identification of those that come to the door, as all regional employees and authorized contractors must carry photo ID. As well, you may contact the region to ensure the visit is a legitimate one, and not just a sales pitch. Finally, do not feel pressured to sign contracts on the spot, let anyone into your home or give out your personal information.

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