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Behind closed doors

cartoon_april62016A pair of contentious meetings, one in late December and another in late January, spelled out the fate of the Durham York Energy Centre.

The first resulted in the region giving a failing grade to the incinerator for its acceptance testing – it had produced too much ash. The second meeting turned things around, resulting in a contract being changed and the incinerator being given the seal of approval the following day.

What these two meetings have in common, of course, is that they took place behind closed doors away from the prying eye of the media and the public.

And now, those two meetings are the subjects of an investigation, courtesy of two separate complaints filed with the region that, by law, must be looked into.

When the January meeting came to pass, The Oshawa Express didn’t mince words when it called out the region for making such an expensive decision – the incinerator was already late and over budget, and there was still more work to be done to get it up to contract spec – behind closed doors.

After all, the incinerator is one of the largest financial commitments this region has ever undertaken, with a price tag of just shy of $300 million. Just think of all of the roads that could’ve been fixed and other projects that could’ve started with that kind of money. Heck, professional sports teams have been bought for less.

That’s why this investigation is so important. If things were done by the books, then that can be one less worry on the shoulders of this region, knowing that while such a monumental decision was made behind closed doors, at least it was done within the letter of the law.

However, if things weren’t done right, then the public deserves to know.

We look forward to seeing the report when it comes forward to council chambers.