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Be careful before going back to work

Dear Editor,

I am quite sure that most people would not like the coronavirus to take one of their loved ones or be responsible for the virus affecting anyone else.

Donald Trump is advocating for states to begin opening up so people can go back to work! We have seen the protests in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and some of those protests are demanding that they be allowed to go back to work and go back to normal!! If that were to happen, it has been proven that people will become sick and die! They will have to be self-distancing for much longer than they would have if they had not done this!

I am quite sure that there are people in every country in the world that wishes this pandemic had not happened at all. But, let’s do it right so we do not have to practice anymore safe distancing and we can finally get a handle on this thing.

Most people around the world are just thinking about where their next meal will come from. Let us not let this virus last longer than it has too!

I could state a lot more facts and figures in this letter, but I will not. Most of you already know these things. Conservatives, Liberals, NDPs, Republicans, and Democrats have all got their own take on things but they will all come together to save lives (should) and we should not take on this pandemic with aplomb.

Ron Horner