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Baxter-Trahair is Durham’s new Chief Administrative Officer

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

After much deliberation, Durham Region has selected Elaine Baxter-Trahair as its new CAO.

Baxter-Trahair has spent 25 years working in the municipal and public sectors, most recently as the general manager of Toronto children’s services, as well as the acting deputy city manager.

Baxter-Trahair also has a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s in Business Administration.

“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Elaine Baxter-Trahair as Chief Administrative Officer,” said regional chair and CEO, Gerri Lynn O’Connor.

“Elaine understands the importance of collaboration and partnership; and promoting and strengthening our vibrant economy,” says O’Connor. “By building upon our diverse municipalities, high quality of life, and our desire for a healthy environment and sustainable communities, Durham Region can remain the desired choice for future generations.”

The CAO reports to the regional chair, as well as Durham regional council. Baxter-Trahair will provide oversight to approximately 5,000 employees.

In her, Baxter-Trahair will also direct corporate communications, emergency management, and corporate policy and strategic initiatives.

She says that Durham has a reputation for effectiveness and efficiency; in particular she singles out the region’s delivery of services to the various communities throughout the region.

“This is the result of employees who work together to champion values outlines in the region’s strategic plan,” she says. “I look forward to joining the region, continuing to build upon its many successes.”

Baxter-Trahair was selected via an ad-hoc committee of council. It had been delegated authority to recruit, select, and appoint the new CAO. It was formed in June and was lead by O’Connor

Baxter-Trahair will take over the position effective Dec. 1.

She will replace current CAO Gary Cubitt who has held the position since 1993.