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Appointment a defeat of democracy

Dear Editor,

On Monday, March 20, 2017, democracy died at the Oshawa council meeting.

There was am empty council seat due to the passing of Councillor Nancy Diamond. Most of the delegates who spoke wanted a byelection because that was the democratic way. However, the city council did an appointment of one regional councillor and one city councillor. I feel that the citizens of Oshawa should have voted for who will represent the city.

But the Mayor and some city councillors picked and promoted one city councillor to a regional appointment and picked a citizen of Oshawa to chair the city seat. Don’t get me wrong, I like both people but not the way it was processed.

The mayor, if he did his job, should have called a byelection so the people can decide. Councillor Amy McQuaid England was the only one that stood up for us. The other councillors did not. There was two councillors missing and they did not have a say.

These appointees should not have counted . It was decided before the council meeting, and I feel that citizens should not vote for the same clowns we have now in the next election. Like I said, if it was an election tomorrow, I wouldn’t vote for the majority of them, including the mayor.

Only people in the council chamber saw the lack of transparency and know what went on, not the whole city.

Arnaldo Beni