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Another “irrelevant” editorial

(Cartoon by George Longley)

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” – The Wizard of Oz, 1939

After this past weekend, it’s obvious our Premier thinks that journalists, like those at this community newspaper, are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Speaking at a conference, Doug Ford said the “mainstream media” has become irrelevant because he, and other politicians, can speak “directly” to Ontarians through social media.

Ford also accused the media of “distorting” the message of politicians, and being guilty of having a “far left” agenda.

Sounds a bit familiar.

It is the same diatribe we’ve heard from President Donald Trump in the U.S. – that the media are slaves to the progressive movement, and are trying to put any kind of conservative government off the rails.

Note that Ford was quick to point out he is not “Donald Trump.”

There is no doubt there is basis in most mainstream media coverage, but Mr. Ford, you must have been living in a cave for the past 55 years of your life, because this is nothing new.

And if you think all media is “far left,” just pick up any recent copy of the Toronto Sun because they are pretty big fans of yours.

It is understandable that many politicians, and let’s be clear, Ford isn’t the only one, see the media as their enemy.

If we gathered all our knowledge and information from the social media accounts of politicians, then we’d know that everything is going according to plan, everything is perfect and there is no reason to question any decisions being made at city hall, regional headquarters, Queen’s Park or in Ottawa.

In a few weeks, the Ontario Community Newspaper Association will hand out its annual awards for the informative, investigative and intriguing stories you can find in the pages of newspapers across this province, written by hardworking journalists who strive to keep people like our Premier accountable.

But maybe the public would be best served to check out Ford’s Instagram page, because we all know that is where the real “story” is, isn’t it Mr. Premier?