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An education in firearms

Re: “Assault weapons for hunting? Really?” June 22, 2016

Dear Editor,

It is very evident that Ron Horner knows nothing about firearms, yet feels qualified to pontificate about them.

To begin with, the AR in AR-15 does not stand for “assault rifle” but rather ArmaLite rifle design 15, the name of the manufacture. Secondly, the AR-15 is not an assault rifle as it does not fire on automatic (i.e. pull the trigger once and fire several rounds like the military version of the same weapon) but is a single shot semi-automatic rifle.

As well, it is as suitable for hunting, as are the popular level action repeating rifles such as the Winchester 30-30 or a bolt action 30-06 caliber rifle. One pull of the trigger gets you a single shot and it does not obliterate the animal anymore than any other hunting rifle.

Finally, there is absolutely no reason why this weapon should be designated as a restricted weapon in Canada. It does not meet any of the criteria for a restricted weapon under the Criminal Code of Canada other that the federal government arbitrarily giving it the restricted designation.

Horner may choose to call Tory MP Bob Zimmer a “clown” for advocating the AR-15 be reclassified, but at least Zimmer, unlike Horner, has some knowledge of firearms and is qualified to speak about them.

Curt Shalapata