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An alternate to pension reforms

Dear Editor,

These too little too late CPP reforms will do very little to help the many currently improvised seniors and disabled persons who, often through no fault of their own, have little else to live on.  It’s also not sitting well with the business community, who consider it as an unfair tax burden with negative connotations. Therefore, I suggest the following redistribution of wealth as a viable solution to alleviate all these concerns.

I suggest that the CPP, not unlike the Employment Insurance program, should only be given to those who qualify for it. I suggest placing an annual income cap on all CPP recipients. Those above this income cap forfeit their benefits. Those under this income cap would then qualify for an enhanced CPP benefit set above the poverty line, thus lifting all seniors and disabled persons out of poverty immediately. In essence, we shift the tax burden off the backs of the small business community onto the backs of the wealthy community.

Richard Kasperczyk