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All views need to be heard

Dear Editor,

Thank goodness for readers like Russ Horner and Joe Prochazka, who take the time to write to your publication. It is refreshing to read right-wing opinions in a world dominated by the left-wing, liberal-socialist media.

Congratulations also to the Editorial cartoonist, who invariably hits the nail on the head, and in Wednesday’s issue he clearly exposed the stupidity of the Liberal government in gifting $10,500,00 to a murderer! Yet another waste of Canadian taxpayer dollars, although just a drop in the bucket of Liberal excess. This situation was succinctly described by Mr. Prochazka in his letter, especially the way in which the media, and the uninformed attempt to blame everything on the previous Conservative government.

As for Mr. Horner’s letter on political correctness, I couldn’t agree more. It seems to be replacing common sense these days, and should be rejected at every turn. It’s time to make a stand!

In closing, my thanks to the Oshawa Express for the open-mindedness of your publication in publishing all viewpoints in an open forum.


Jim Renshaw