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A story heard all too often

Dear Editor,

The heartbreaking story of Joyce and Garth McMillan featured in your July 22 article “Plight of a caregiver” is a story that we hear time and time again from caregivers of those living with dementia.

The dementia journey is a long, stressful one for the caregiver – a journey that is faced by more and more families as the number of individuals receiving the diagnosis grows.

Reaching out for support through the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region can connect those caring for loved ones with dementia to education, as well as one-on-one and group support from others who are walking, or have walked, this path. Our hope is that no one walks through the dementia journey alone.

The Alzheimer Society is here to support individuals just like Joyce and her daughter who face the challenges of watching someone they love deteriorate.

Please call us at (905) 576-2567 or find us at

Denyse Newton

Executive director of the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region