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A safe and spooky Halloween

The spookiest day of the year is almost upon us – with some caveats.

While Durham Medical Chair of Health Dr. Robert Kyle has told The Oshawa Express he believes it is safe for trick-or-treaters despite the COVID-19 pandemic, he made one thing clear: social distancing is still a must.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in its second wave, a few hot spots in Ontario have rolled back into a modified Stage 2, and won’t be trick-or-treating.

While it was decided that Durham doesn’t need to do that, trick-or-treaters still need to remain vigilant.

Residents who are feeling sick should stay home, those who aren’t comfortable going out should as well, and those who do go out should respect those who don’t want to participate.

There are other ways residents can participate in Halloween without having to leave their home while also social distancing.

A Halloween movie marathon, baking Halloween treats at home, a household party, and more. Halloween doesn’t just need to be about trick-or-treating.

Those who do go out need to remember, while it is an exciting day for everyone involved, to stay calm and wait their turn while grabbing some treats, don’t take homemade treats, and form a safe, socially distanced line.

While Durham was able to escape rolling back into Stage 2 this time, if trick-or-treaters aren’t careful on Halloween, and more COVID-19 cases pop up, it may force the province to take drastic action.

If this were to happen, it would be devastating for the local economy, affecting small businesses, especially restaurants, which have been working to keep residents safe.

There are currently 252 active cases of COVID-19 in Durham, 60 of which are in Oshawa, according to the region’s COVID-19 tracker.

Therefore, it is imperative that trick-or-treaters remain safe and follow public health guidelines.

Have a safe, spooky, and fun Halloween this year, Oshawa.