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A praise for efforts to stop Kinder Morgan pipeline

Dear Editor,

Canadians should praise B.C. Premier, John Horgan’s efforts to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.  Canadian oil is the dirtiest most environmentally unfriendly oil in the world. There is currently a glut of oil around the world. In the next five to ten years China and India will be switching to nuclear and renewable energy and the market for Canadian bitumen will disappear. Canada, specifically Alberta and British Columbia, will be left with a festering environmental wound. If the Athabasca tar sands were to shut down now, Canada could meet its Paris commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The good paying jobs would then be in the decades long clean up, and new energy technology sector. Instead the Canadian policy is to pander to the short-term profiteers, and tax the citizens. The Prime Minister would like us to believe taxes reduce emissions.

The story is played out as Premier versus Premier, when there are still a half dozen First Nations who have not agreed to the deal. Throwing in billions of dollars to transport a redundant product to a dead end at the tidewater is an analogue concept in a digital world. The Prime Minister apologises to Indigenous People for their treatment at the hand of past Canadian governments and claims a desire to reconcile the relationship. In a matter of days and weeks there are billions of dollars available for private enterprise in the tar patch and aviation industry. Yet after more than a century and a half, indigenous communities are left wanting roads, water, electricity, health care, education, and communication technology.

Rob Goheen