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A copper lining with insurance rates

Dear Editor,

As I was putting another car onto my home and auto insurance policy, for my previous “chariot” (which suffered engine death), the phone customer service lady happily announced that my insurance rates (post-detection) will drop by a single solitary penny starting in July.

Well blow me down, I didn’t know whether to break out laughing (which I did) or shake my head into a neck spasm with disbelief.

Is this because our lovely former Premier Kathleen Wynne bold-faced lied on her promise to reduce insurance rates 15 to 20 per cent, and finally the insurance companies are perhaps setting the precedent and taking the initiative by dropped rates an astounding penny, which is not even in our currency vocabulary anymore.

I feel very sorry for the front line customer service telephone reps that must announce this wonderful news.

Thanks insurance companies for doing your small part in lowering the rates as per Wynne, who is now gone from the scene!

Thank God there’s a silver lining, sorry, a copper lining.

R. Hues