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Experience lawn bowling first hand

May 16, 2018

Whether your new to the sport or an experienced bowler, the Oshawa Lawn Bowling Club is opening its doors to everyone with a pair of upcoming open houses. The event, [...]

Shots fired into Oshawa home

May 16, 2018

Police are investigating after a shot was fired through the window of an Oshawa home, lodging into a wall on the main floor. (Photo by Colin Williamson) DRPS is investigating [...]

Kudos to Kanye!

May 16, 2018

Dear Editor, Kanye West seems to have what it takes to be his own man, and therefore a free thinker, when he tweeted recently that he supports Donald Trump. The thought [...]

A long awaited government apology

May 16, 2018

Dear Editor, Finally we are about to receive an apology from the Canadian Government for their atrocious behaviour during the Second World War. A ship containing [...]
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