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Viral pigeon gets adopted

Chocolate Milk, the pigeon who went viral after being discovered in an Oshawa resident’s backyard wearing leg warmers, has gone on to its new home. (Photo supplied)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

With its leg warmers ready to go, Oshawa’s social media darling is headed to a new home.

Chocolate Milk, a pigeon recently found in the backyard of an Oshawa residence wearing leg warmers, has been adopted. Applications wrapped up this past weekend.

“The pigeon was found wearing very unique leg attire – we dubbed it leg warmers, but they are beads, so someone has made some bead work for this pigeon,” explains Oshawa Animal Services supervisor Kathy Pittman-Feltham.

According to Pittman-Feltham, Chocolate Milk’s story has gone viral, and is attracting many suitors.

“The pigeon seems to be quite domesticated, very social, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the other animals in the shelter, and it’s just a curious, friendly bird,” she says.

Chocolate Milk is still able to fly, but Pittman-Feltham says it will be up to the person who adopted the bird whether to clip its wings.

“Sometimes some people choose to clip the wings, and we have not. We would just leave that up to the adopter to make that choice,” she says.

Pittman-Feltham isn’t sure why Chocolate Milk wears legwarmers.

“We’ve often seen pigeons in here that are banded because they are racing pigeons or pigeons used to breed or for various reasons, but we’ve never seen pigeons wearing this type of marking whatsoever.”

She guesses the unique fashion choice is from someone who breeds pigeons, and this is what they do to mark their birds.

Pittman-Feltham is curious why nobody came forward to claim the bird, considering the attention it garnered on social media.

“This bird looks very unique, so we would hope that a friend of theirs would have seen it,” she says.

According to Pittman-Feltham, Chocolate Milk went to its new home this past weekend.