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Traffic issues abound in Oshawa

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

The city’s community services committee was inundated with traffic concerns at its latest meeting.

Councillors heard a delegation from Sylvia Barnes, a resident in the area between Tennyson Avenue and Farewell Street.

Barnes noted the speed limit in the area is 20 km/h but she often sees vehicles traveling weel above this, nearing 70 km/h.

When traffic is rerouted on Harmony road, Barnes says drivers will “fly” up her street to get to Highway 401.

She noted these speeding vehicles have caused safety concerns for both motorists and those walking on the street, especially children and seniors.

Barnes presented the committee with a petition with more than 50 signatures.

She claims she has reached out to Durham Police, but hasn’t gotten much of a response.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” she noted.

Later on in the meeting, Ward 1 city and regional councillor John Neal referenced a recent crash north of Columbus which resulted in two fatalities.

While that stretch of Simcoe Street North is under regional jurisdiction, Neal said he wanted to highlight the dire situation.

“That is a terrible, terrible raceway. When it comes to two deaths on this road, something needs to be done.”

Earlier in May, the committee directed staff to investigate safety concerns on Brentwood Avenue, between Rossland Road East and Central Park Avenue North.

In late June, staff collected traffic volume and speed data for three locations along Brentwood Avenue for 24 hours.

According to the report, staff indicated “no speeding problems” along the road.

It was also noted the volume of traffic was at acceptable levels.

It is recommended a temporary speed radar board be placed on Brentwood Avenue this fall.

A similar study took place on Riverside Drive South, south of King Street East.

Staff again reported there was no indication of speeding or traffic volume issues.

They also recommended against a proposal to convert Riverside Drive South to a one-way street, and to install sidewalks on the street.