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Terry Fox run coming up

Canadians are coming together again this year across the country in honour of the 41st annual Terry Fox Run.

The Terry Fox Foundation announced this year’s run will take place on Sunday, Sept. 19 in support of cancer research.

The event is virtual this year, as supporters from coast to coast participate in the virtual “Terry Fox Run. One Day. Your Way.”

“Terry had to stop his Marathon of Hope 41 years ago when his cancer returned,” says Fred Fox, Terry’s older brother.

“He asked Canadians to keep on fundraising for cancer research without him so that his dream of finding a cure would one day be realized – and that is exactly what we need to do now,” he adds.

Fundraisers and donors will have access to a variety of new tools and technology to better support virtual fundraising efforts this year, including a newly designed website loaded with downloadable content, engaging videos, interactive timelines, and fun activities; as well as a new Terry Fox Run mobile fundraising app available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play which allows supports to raise more money by automating outreach across mobile and social channels.

Further, there are personalized QR codes for fundraisers across the country, text to donate to support all fundraising efforts with options to give $5, $10, or $25 by texting “Terry” to 45678, and Tap to donate stations in various provinces that allow users to give $5, $10 or $20 with payments made directly to The Terry Fox Foundation in support of cancer research.

Jim Woodgett, president and scientific director of The Terry Fox Foundation, says the impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s health care system and cancer care throughout the country has been substantial and there continues to be a dire need to fund cancer research, combating the negative effects of disrupted screenings, surgeries, and interventions for years to come.

Communities across the country are encouraged to support and celebrate fall tradition that honours the national icon and makes a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians.

All proceeds will fund innovative cancer research, including a new project called the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network – a collaboration of Canada’s best cancer researchers to accelerate precision medicine by sharing knowledge and resources, and building a new, accessible cancer data platform to deliver the best possible outcome for each cancer patient, no matter where they live.

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