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Reader says Ford government isn’t done

Dear Editor,

Finally the people of this province realize the mistake they made when voting for Ford.

There are many people dissatisfied with his government’s cuts in the budget. I agree that cuts must be made due to the spending of the Liberal government, but the premier does not have to make such drastic cuts all at once.

I do not think that the people of Ontario would mind the cuts so much if they were not so drastic. Even if Mr. Ford made the cuts half of what he has done it would not be as bad.

There would still be complaints about the cuts but if only Ford would listen to the people of Ontario he would have a much better time of it, and the complaints would not be as drastic as they are now.

I realize that it is my opinion, but I think that there are a lot of people that think my way and there are also some people that do not.

There is no way that we can do anything about this other than protest but since the Premier will not listen to anyone the extreme cuts will still continue.

Mr. Ford has not finished with his cuts so be alert and see what happens.

Ron Horner