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Reader muses on GM, recycling

Dear Editor,

The most important and crucial aspect of the recycling debate in Durham Region is the re-use of the GM Plant and excellent facilities therein, be it Tesla, Volkswagen or another automotive manufacturer buyer for late-2019 into 2020 and beyond.

What a New Year’s present this will truly be for the 2,500 GM employees that were hoodwinked by the company and the Wynne government (or so I hear).

Now, digressing to the small focus regarding curbside recyclers/pickup truck purveyors, a call to the Region of Durham Waste Management distilled some other facts.

Since 2008, recycling revenues have dropped (due to Third World pressures and influences on demand), but the last few years have re-approached break even points, and regardless, after three decades, this environmental mission is here to stay, and is worth ever investment ‘penny.’

Most every pickup trucker we’ve met over the years acquire the bulk of their scrap metal (steel at eight to 14 cents a pound variable) from apartment and townhouse discarded (and have a symbiotic relationship with such managements who control access on their private properties.)

And rightfully so, as it saves them on bin space and waste pickup bottom line.

Obviously, no one has any use for the despicable threats, however, of bronze cemetery urns, construction and hydro precious metals, etc. This takes it too far.

Let’s all hope for a better new year for the lifeblood of our city that ‘moto-vates’ and keeping landfills viable for tomorrow.

We are all on the same team. Respect that end result.

Zeph Stone

R. Hues